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Physical or virtual prepaid cards

Prepaid Cards

Advantages of a reloadable payment card, physical or virtual :

No credit line available

Real-time services

Secure online payments


Can be used on the entire Mastercard network


Know your Customer and Know your Business are anti-corruption standards to prevent identity theft, money laundering, fraud and terrorist financing:


Simplified collection

Quick validation

Safe and reliable

Continuous checking

Open Banking

Open Banking

A secure and simple way to authorize third-party providers to access your banking data in order to consolidate all your financial information in one place:

Centralised access

Innovative services

Offer visibility


Safe and reliable

Mobile tokenisation

Pay contactless with your phone:

Digitisable physical cards

Digitised cards on your e-wallet

HCE – Host Card Emulation

Compatible with contactless payment accessories


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EPS prepaid or white-label cards
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